Internal Control Review
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Every business and nonprofit organization should have an Internal Controls document that will help train new staff, volunteers, finance committee members, or board members on what is expected of them to maintain the integrity of the organization and the trust of its owners and supporters. Internal Controls are essential to protect the assets of the organization from waste, fraud, and inefficient use. Internal controls also benefit staff and volunteers by showing that management has procedures in place to avoid even the slightest appearance of misbehavior, thus protecting their reputation.

How We Deliver

We take the time to understand what matters to each individual organization, document the current internal control systems being used, make recommendations to improve the systems that are already in place, and design an on-going review system that helps keep the controls relevant and creates a robust internal control system.

How You’ll benefit

  • Reduced likelihood of loss from fraud
  • Increased efficiencies
  • Reduced waste
  • Peace of mind knowing that a third party has reviewed your practices to ensure that all parties are protected and workplace continuity and integrity is maintained

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