Not for Profit

Not for Profit

Whether your organization has a full-time paid staff or consists of all volunteers, life in a not for profit organization sometimes feel transient. New finance committee members, board members, volunteers, and even staff members can come and go, and not know exactly what is expected of them. Administration of organization finances is entrusted. It is very important for the Board to establish a strong system of internal control because they have the responsibility for overall stewardship of the organization’s assets.

One important service we offer to not for profits is in assistance with documenting, reviewing, and helping create robust internal control systems within the organization. Every organization should have an Internal Controls document that will help train new staff, volunteers, finance committee members, and board on what is expected of them to maintain the integrity of the organization and the trust of its supporters. Internal Controls are essential to protect the assets of the organization from waste, fraud, and inefficient use. Internal controls also benefit staff and volunteers by showing that management has procedures in place to avoid even the slightest appearance of misbehavior, thus protecting their reputation.

We can also serve as your office bookkeeper or CFO, maintaining accurate books and payroll, a budget, and a clear cash flow picture to ensure continuity and sustainability.

Our services include:

  • Internal Control Review
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll including Direct Deposit
  • Monthly Prepared/Reviewed and CPA Presented Financial Statements
  • Retirement Plan Design Assistance
  • Employee Benefit Plan Design Assistance
  • Form 990 Compliance
  • Planned Giving Advising for Prospective Donors

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