In addition to providing bookkeeping and office services to business clients, we currently represent a number of road districts, irrigation districts, and health districts by acting as their “in-house” accounting office. We do it all; preparing bills and submitting for approval and payment, bookkeeping, acting Secretary for public meetings, preparing and publishing budgets, working with local tax offices, writing audit reports, preparing the work papers, and working with the auditor firm.

These services are often performed at a cost savings compared to that of full or part time equivalents, with increased compliance and accounting accuracy. Audit costs are reduced based upon the information we provide to the audit firm, and internal control concerns are greatly reduced as opportunities for defalcation are removed from the office.

Our services include:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll including Direct Deposit
  • Cash Flow and Budget Forecasting
  • Monthly Prepared/Reviewed and CPA Presented Financial Statements
  • Internal Control Reviews

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