Employee Benefit Plan

You’ve worked hard to attract the right talent to your company and invested in training them. Now’s not the time to let them slip out the back door. Fair compensation that includes the benefits employees seek in today’s market can increase retention and create possible tax incentives. Additionally, The Affordable Care Act creates new considerations for all employers regarding health care insurance that are both economical and moral. From retirement plans, to health care plans, to flexible spending plans, we’ll help you design a package that accomplishes your objectives and satisfies your employees.

How We Deliver

Our team of experts will work with a team of professionals to help you understand the options available, and determine which one is right for you. We have helped other businesses like yours establish both simple and complex 401k plans, health benefit plans, self insurance plans, and more. We address all plan related matters such as compliance, plan design, and financial reporting. We’ll uncover the costs and benefits regarding the different options; how it will affect you, and your workforce. We’ll recommend optimized accelerated funding opportunities for your retirement funds, and create a plan to compensate key individuals if desired. We’ll help you identify the value of these benefits so that you can clearly communicate to employees what their overall employment compensation package includes, helping them realize the value beyond the paycheck.

Our team also has experience in working with clients on a variety of plan qualification issues (i.e., identification, correction and resolution procedures with governmental agencies), preparation and/or review of Form 5500 filings, due diligence reviews, and operational reviews.

How You’ll Benefit

  • Employee benefit plans that will help you attract and retain top talent
  • Establish plans that are appropriately structured to be compliant with all appropriate laws and regulations
  • Appropriately fund these plans and optimize your own retirement funding

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